rebecca and randy pull the lever

get it? roger williams casino, getting married, pulling the lever, casinos, slot machines, marriage. ok, it's a stretch. anywho, as you may have inferred from my poorly constructed play on words, rebecca and randy got married recently at roger williams casino (which is actually not a casino at all, go figure).

so the prompt photographer than i am, i arrived fifteen minutes before i was supposed to be at the casino and no one was there yet. that's cool, no problem, it's early still. i hung around and now it was fifteen minutes after i was supposed to be there. still no sign of anyone besides the catering company people. none of them were wearing a white dress so i got a bit nervous. i started feeling like i was at the wrong place even though i neurotically check all the paperwork and email chain seventeen times the night before and the day of a wedding. apparently the limo was a bit late getting to the casino. phew.

everyone arrived and i started taking pictures. all was well. i had the opportunity to take some pictures of the bridal party before the ceremony (a session with the girls and a session with the guys) which was really nice to get some extra time doing that rather than just frantically after the ceremony. we walked around roger williams a bit and used some areas around the casino, although i was competing with quinceaƱeras and other weddings on the property. i actually had to flex my muscles and kick a group of people off the casino grounds since the wedding was about to start. i'm a nice guy and all, but if you're in the zone of a wedding for one of my brides all bets are off.

one super cool thing at this wedding was that they had a harpist playing during cocktail hour and for the ceremony. her harp was giant and sounded great. her name is hyunjung choi and you can check out her website here. she's got a pretty impressive listing of people she's toured with (andrea bocelli, tony bennett, ray charles, olivia newton-john, art garfunkel, etc...). pretty cool.

another good addition to the night was the joey vellucci band. they played the whole reception and did a great job getting people out dancing and keeping the party lively. i love bands at weddings, sorry all you dj's out there.

for you flower fanatics, a nice job was done by svk floral design. you can email her at shanyak at yahoo dot com if you like what you see.

we snuck out during sunset to catch some cool shots outside and i'm glad that we did. this shot was not manipulated in photoshop to have a pink sky - that was there in real life.

all the bridal party and family was really nice and i had a good time doing this wedding. all the best to rebecca and randy, enjoy the ride...

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