a quick post for a little explanation... if you've been perusing the blueflash site anytime since about midnight on the 3rd of august and tried to go into the clientspace section you might've noticed the large, strong, scary man asking for the secret word to get in. i put the albums on lockdown.

i realized i'm about the only photographer on earth that was making their entire albums from each job available for everyone to view. it makes more sense to corral visitors to the portfolio section so i can get the most bang for each visit. i figure that visitors are not going to look through every single clientspace gallery on an average visit, therefore i need to choose what i feel is the best representation of my work and present that in an easy-to-view section, i.e. the portfolio.

i created the passwords so that the people whos gallery it is and their family and friends wouldn't have a problem figuring it out. there's also a little button to press to request the password if you really want in.

now, that being said, i need to update the portfolio section with the newer stuff and take out the older photos. there's a lot going on right now. i wanted to do it last night but i had to paint my future son's room.

that's really all, just wanted to give a little explanation. i'm not being secretive or trying to hide anything, just trying to be more effective with 'advertising'. no secrets here. well, except all the client galleries.

and how i do my hair.

stay tuned, there's a few shoots in the pipe...