'i do', wiffle ball, ice cream bars and zombies

julie and mike got married at the quidnessett country club on a recent friday night. there were some special guests. they were green. they were the zombies from thrill me llc, a group out in connecticut who will teach you the dance to thriller and then come crash your wedding. it was pretty cool when they made their entrance on the unknowing guests after mike and julie had their first dance. the bridal party and some family members including the mother of the bride flooded the dance floor with the zombies and danced to thriller for all of the guests.

that was a first for me. check out the thrill me llc website if you have any events coming up that you need a green friend at. i also dined with them at the vendor table. have you had dinner with zombies? i have.

we got to take formal shots before the ceremony which let us have enough time to get a lot of shots. when i pulled into the parking lot of the place i spotted a wooden bridge out in the distance a bit and decided that's where i wanted to go for photos. i asked the lady in charge at the country club if we could go down there and she said no. i asked again. she said no. i asked again. she said no. i kindly insinuated that we were going to head down there and take some pictures real quickly. she said no. i hinted once more that we were going to head down and be right back. she finally caved and told us it was at our own risk if we got hit with a golf ball. a quick check of the bridal party told me everyone was willing to take a golf ball to the head. it only stings for a minute. we used the bridge for a good twenty minutes or so and headed back for some shots elsewhere. i thought all was well until i got escorted into the manager's office and scolded for going down to the bridge. turns out the lady told on me. oh well, we had already gotten the shots so the mission was accomplished. i thanked the nice man for my scolding and went back to the wedding.

mike and his groomsman were apparently big wiffle ball fanatics. how fanatical? umm, one of them brought a bat and ball to the wedding. salad was served and i felt a tap on my shoulder. it was a groomsman asking me to go outside, the wiffle ball game was about to start. i took some pictures of mike taking some swings and then he put the bat down and asked who was next. i threw my camera to a groomsman and grabbed the bat. let's just say i played a couple wiffle ball games back in my day. so i had another wedding first - playing wiffle ball with the groom and groomsman during dinner.

dessert was an ice cream bar which i thought was a cool idea. the dj's kept the music going all night long and had some neat laser light things shooting around the dance floor. besides feeling like i kept getting shot in laser tag i thought it looked pretty awesome. g&m music provided the tunes for the night.

these guys had a unique and fun wedding. it was awesome to see how good of friends mike and julie were in addition to now being husband and wife. all the best to you guys with your future, and like everyone else at the wedding said - may you soon have short little kids. thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding...

here's a video (not taken by me) of the zombie dance

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