graffiti liz

liz's one request was that she had her picture taken with a graffiti backdrop. there's one place i knew had a giant graffiti wall and that was fox point in providence. to my surprise (i haven't been down there for awhile), they were in the process of knocking down the overpass that encompasses the graffiti walls. i guess we made it just in time.

as a bonus, we used the area where the highway used to be (please excuse the extreme rhode island usage of "where the ~fill in the blank~ used to be"). i was positive a cop would come by and kick us out since we were standing on the edge of a destroyed highway bridge that was fenced off, but alas we did not.

it was close to the middle of the day and the sun was bright as anything. there were terribly harsh shadows in a lot of spots, but we made it happen anyway. we managed to shoot this next one in full sun and avoid the afternoon shadows.

liz wanted a shot of herself with a nature type backdrop which i told her i'm not usually crazy about because the background become a distraction from the model. i grabbed this shot below and hopefully it satisfies her nature request. i like it because it's kind of moody and the bright light hitting her against the dark shadows makes it have some drama. i was going to photoshop in a giant shark fin in the water but i thought that might be a bit over the top.

check out some more of her shots on the blueflash facebook page when you get a chance...

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