family cookout, family photographs

my wife's mom's side of the family has an annual cookout in coventry, ri. they have a house on the water and there's always good food, good people and good weather. there is a cement patio type thing with a wall a couple feet high around it and then the lake after that. i was displaying my acrobatic prowess by doing forward and back flips off of the wall. i got reprimanded by all females present. it's the same story when i go in the pool at my parents house; i always climb up on the railing deck and jump off into the four foot deep pool. i used to get yelled at when i was fourteen for doing it and i still get yelled at when i'm twenty-five for the same thing.

alright, now that i'm way off topic, the point of this post is because my cousin-in-laws from new hampshire come down for the cookout and they wanted some family pictures. they just got a new little guy named jayden. they're currently trying to adopt him. i've never seen a little baby look like such a grown-up, such a cool looking kid. he's only four months old!

the girls sammie and makayla are awesome and they think 'uncle matt' is a jungle gym which is totally fine by me. it's always a lot of fun hanging out with them when we get to see'em. steph and mike (mom and dad) have been kind enough multiple times in the past to have tara and me come up and visit for the weekend and hang out with them all.

when i went to grab my stuff to leave i went into the area that had all the food on the table which was in a little secluded lakehouse type place, i found sammie in there by herself furiously stuffing every dessert item into her mouth as fast as she could. i asked her what the deal was and she told me 'i'm stuffing myself for the ride home'. being the responsible 'uncle matt' that i am, i told her to make sure she ran outside if she started choking on anything.

on a side note, me and tara made these cool jell-o things that took forever... here's a picture of'em in action at the cookout

don't make these unless you feel like being held hostage in your kitchen for four hours. every layer has to set for twenty minutes. there's nine layers. yeah. they didn't even taste that good. live and learn.

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