closet cleaning

i've been meaning to tackle the portfolio section on the blueflash site for quite some time now. every time i had a new shoot i'd tell myself i was going to update the portfolio with all the recent shots, take out the old ones and make a third category (weddings, life, and fashion). well i didn't. i didn't for so long that i felt like i was walking into this kind of a mess when i started it the other day...

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i vow to never let it go for as long as i have this time. i need to stay on top of it with each shoot, otherwise it becomes nightmarish to try to remember what shoots i've already pulled from and all that stuff. what a pain. does anyone want a job as a secretary? all i can pay you in is laughs and fun. i'm currently taking applications.

anywho, since i went through all the effort of reorganizing, updating, reordering, removing, adding, etc... it'd be nice if you could take a couple minutes and check it all out. go to and click on 'portfolio' at the top. you'll see that in addition to just weddings and life for categories that i've added bluefashion. it was time to split it off due to the amount of shots i had that fell into the fashion category.

i feel a lot better now. it's the little things in life, ya know? i also had a great weekend in new hampshire with some crazy people doing a lot of outdoor stuff, so that could be it too.

what do you think of the new and improved portfolios? too many pictures in each category? not enough? just right? how do you like your porridge?