the bluecube invades ed and laura's wedding

you may remember ed and laura from awhile back when i did their engagement pictures. you might not. it really doesn't matter either way. the point is, they had the bluecube at their wedding. ed is a good buddy of mine so i was a groomsman in the wedding, not a photographer. it was interesting being on the other side of the camera for the wedding photos. if you see me in the bluecube shots, that's why. i don't want you all to think that i would jump in the bluecube at your wedding if you rented it. here's me and my buddy matt and our new bridesmaid friends.

people seemed to have a really good time taking goofy pictures all day. the bride, laura, brought some colorful props which worked out awesome.

i've got to figure out a way to keep the 'walls' of the bluecube from getting moved when people enter and exit from the wrong sides.

i love how all the colors pop like crazy. i definitely recommend taking a stroll over to the bluecube gallery page and checking out all the shots. even if you don't know the people i think they're still funny to look at.

there's the bride with some of her bridesmaids (bride in white for those of you not familiar with wedding attire)

proud parents of the groom

listen, go check out the album and go rent the bluecube. that's all i have to say.

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