the sadie squad

laura, mike and little sadie wanted to do a family shoot (well, i don’t think sadie was in on the plan, but she didn’t have much of a choice). we met up in the financial district of providence. the weather was awesome but i was deathly tired from a youth group event a couple nights before that had me up until 4:30 in the morning. i caught a couple hours of sleep and then i was up at 6:30 and back at home doing saturday projects by 9 or so. i’m too old for that stuff. anyways, enough whining.

my blog-crazy wife came with me on the shoot, so that was pretty cool. when we all met up we just walked around town and stopped wherever there looked to be a good photo spot. that’s usually how blueflash sessions go - it’s very, ummm, spontaneous. that’s a good word since it has a positive connotation. it sounds way better than unprepared. ok ok, i’m not really unprepared. i shouldn’t say stuff like that, it’ll probably scare off potential future clients.

i love that last photo above, it kind of looks like a throwback to years ago for some reason. sadie was a pretty good sport about stuff, especially for getting in and out of her stroller more times that day than she probably has cumulatively in her life. i hope they enjoy their shots. you can see more in the facebook album and you can see the full album on the blueflash site under clientspace.

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