lions and zombies and bears, oh my

the zombie movie is finally online. after battles with dvd burners, rendering options, and video sharing website limitations (why does everyone limit videos to ten minutes, anyway?), it's finally posted to youtube and burned to a lone dvd.

for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about, a bunch of guys from the osbc youth group got together one night a few weeks ago and filmed an original movie from about 9pm until 3:30am. it's a movie about the end times, a take on a verse in matthew (24:7 specifically) that talks about pestilence being one of the things that will come onto the earth. we made the pestilence into kind of a zombie thing. the premise of the movie is that it's a home video by one of the guys and it documents what unfolds that night. the video is intentionally shaky, poorly filmed, and dark.

every video sharing site i could find had a ten minute video limit. that was unfortunate since this video is just about thirty minutes long. my only choice was to break the video up into three ten minute segments. here they are for your viewing pleasure, from part one through part three. it's probably best to watch them in order. like i said, it's pretty much a half hour long, so go to the bathroom and get a snack before you start watching.

let us know what you think in the comments. it was just a fun thing to do, but if we get nominated for an academy award and have to give a speech, we'll mention everyone's name who comments on this post. if you want to see it a little bit bigger, you can watch it directly in youtube by going to the blueflash youtube page.

part 1 of 3:

part 2 of 3:

part 3 of 3:

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