let's review, shall we?

as those of you who read my wife's blog probably already know, i'm going camping this weekend with a bunch of friends. camping rules. what's better than not stepping foot indoors for four straight days? no computer screens, no phones, nothing that beeps. weather's looking up for the weekend, that's for sure.

so anyway, here's what's been going on recently-

1) i battled an earwig invasion mostly in my basement. i won. i hate earwigs.

2) i filmed a zombie movie with the youth group guys at an overnighter at our church. i did some post-production work on it and it should be done soon. when it is, i'll post it here.

3) i did a maternity shoot. preliminary editing is done, blog and album to follow soon.

4) i did a family shoot. preliminary editing is done, blog and album to follow soon.

5) my desktop computer's motherboard died and my laptop is from 7 years ago. try running photoshop cs4 on something that old.

6) i bought a new CPU, motherboard, hard drive, graphics card, and RAM. i salvaged my existing case, power supply, and dvd burner. i put it all together and loaded everything in. it is super fast. for nerds, check out the links. it's an AMD phenom x2 hexcore system @ 2.8gHz, 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM, 128 bit graphics card with 1 gig of GDDR5 memory, and a fast SATA drive with a 16 meg cache. i can render a video and edit a raw file in photoshop at the same time and the computer acts like all you did was open notepad. i just got it up and running last night.

7) i drooled on my new computer.

8) i wrote this blog post.

9) i started a lot of bullet points with "i"

10) i

11) i didn't include a photo in this post

12) ok seeya, don't blow your hands off with sparklers this weekend