here comes hannah

i had the pleasure of driving out to quiet brooklyn, connecticut to take some maternity photos for the berubes. stacy and derek already have one little girl, natalie. by the time you read this, they will have most likely already delivered their second daughter hannah. hannah can kind of be seen in these pictures, she's just still in stacy's belly.

we headed over a to cool place near their house that had a barn, a little lake, a mini-dock, some fields, a river, and a ton of mosquitos and other various flying bugs. we took a variety of shots, some of stacy by herself, some with derek, some with natalie, and some with all three. all of them were with hannah.

it was cool taking these shots because in the back of my head i was thinking about how my wife and i are going to be having our first kid in late october.

i took tara with me to this shoot and when we were done we stopped at 'the ice house' for some famous connecticut ice cream. ok, so connecticut ice cream is not famous, but it still made tara happy. we were going to stop at a different ice cream place that had a building shaped like an ice cream cone but upon closer inspection it looked a little sub-par. cool building though.

anyways it was fun hanging out derek, stacy, and natalie and doing the shoot, i hope they like their photos and i wish them the best of luck with their newest addition to the berube clan.

you can check out more photos in the facebook album or head over to the blueflash site to see the full one...

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