the great kait

let's meet at old sturbridge village. yeah, that sounds good, there's gotta be something in that area that's cool for a photoshoot, right? sure, cool if you like one plain building and lots of trees surrounding a big parking lot. kait was coming in from suffield, ct and i was coming out of cranston, ri. we figured sturbridge was a good middle ground. she was tired of shooting in hartford and i didn't mind getting out of ri and trying something new. when we met up, we got into one car and did a few mile radius of the area and decided it was lame. kait suggested we go to "war-chest-er". i thought to myself "what the heck is warchester?". then it hit me. worcester. ohhhh, worcester (pronounced wooster).

so we were on our way. we hit the little (little is being generous) city of worcester in about twenty minutes and parked the car. it reminded me of providence, just smaller and not quite as nice. it was a good change of scenery though. while kait's buddy nicole was doing some makeup i took a quick jog around the area and quickly found a filthy, disgusting, trash-infested alley. perfect.

i can't resist places like this. i had talked with carol-anne of a.k.a. models about what models in this area would be looking for and she gave me some good info. her recommendation was to get a 'commercial' look, something you'd see in a j.crew catalog or something similar. that was mine and kait's goal going into the shoot, but i think i might've failed miserably because we got derailed by other types of photos. i would like to put together a commercial type portfolio for someone, just as an exercise and to round out the blueflash portfolio. carol-anne is totally cool, check out her facebook page in the link above especially if you're a model or in the industry. she's got a lot of experience and advice and she's in the middle of writing a book. ok get ready for a photo overload. here we go...

allow me to flex my amateur photoshop skills. this umbrella was a deep purple in real life. i thought it'd be cooler if it matched her shoes and belt, so that's what i did.

i love this shot. it's so simple, but i think it's really cool. kind of mysterious? don't know why i love it so much. what do you think?

if you follow my photo stream closely, you'll probably get reminded of some shots i did with hillary while looking at this one. it's a similar style, a little bit washed out and bright. i think it works well for female models with the right look.

kait was super cool. she wanted to get up on this ladder (it's higher than it looks in this picture) for some shots so i climbed it first. i would've felt really bad if she was the test case and it fell off when she got on it. i noticed it was only held up by a little rope. not the most confidence inducing setup, but it did the trick. the doorway to the left was the back of a chinese restaurant. the kitchen staff peeked out a couple times and silently wondered what the heck was going on. we probably looked different than the typical rats and opossums that they're used to seeing out back. why does opossum have an 'o' at the beginning?

this shot gives you a little more perspective of the ladder setup.

i love it when a good black and white shot falls out of a shoot. her look is perfect in this shot. she's got that 'there's no way you're gonna get my phone number. c'mon, look at me!' look going on. cool.

this was one of the few shots that might've came close to fitting the 'commercial' goal. we had some fun with the 'lookback' pose. is someone calling my name?

here's kait checking herself out. this was candid, she didn't even know i was taking the picture. ok that's a lie, that would definitely make this shot way cooler. unfortunately i made her walk by and do that. six times. you should've seen all the shots i had to throw out because i was in the reflection. at least i know i'm not a vampire.

i had a great time and i'm really happy with the shots. check out all of'em at the website. there's 36 shots up there in total. you can also look at a subset of that album on the facebook page. what else can i plug? i guess that's all for now. thanks for checking it out.

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