i've decided to open an etsy store. i alluded to the idea in my last post and since then i've set it up and put some items up for sale. i'm going to be adding new stuff from time to time, just shots that don't typically have people in them. nature type stuff, landscapes, various abstract things, etc... for example:

those kind of shots are not primarily what i'm into; i really like taking pictures of people best. unfortunately, most don't usually buy prints of other people that they don't know to hang in their house. we'll see what happens.

it only costs 20 cents to list an item for three or four months. etsy takes a percentage of the sale if you make it, but it's nothing gigantic. the biggest drawback is that the word etsy is so flimsy. i hate even saying it. etsy. etsy. oh well, beggars can't be choosers i guess. i set the prices as low as i could while still making a few dollars (i have to pay to actually get the photo printed and then it costs some money to ship it out). i priced them at fifteen dollars for an 8"x12". do you think that's reasonable? most on etsy were twenty dollars or more.

go visit the blueflash etsy store! here's the address - i'll be adding shots from time to time. please help me out by spreading the word to any friends or relatives you know that are inclined to buy photographs for their house, garage, bathroom, shed, outhouse, or tornado shelter. i appreciate it very much...

post addendum : due to comments and suggestions from a lot of people, i bumped the price to twenty. i guess i just didn't want to come off as super greedy. i suppose there is merit to the argument that if you underprice something that it becomes less attractive to the potential buyer because it appears to have less intrinsic value. thanks for your responses and ideas.