moving pictures

as i've mentioned in the past, my wife and i work with the youth group at our church. since i play music, one of the things i get to do is help out with the band that we just started up a few months ago. last practice i took my camera and tried shooting some short video clips as a bit of an experiment. to carry it further i spliced them together, overlaid the music to the song they were practicing that night, and pumped out a few minutes of amateur video. here it is (hosting courtesy of my youtube page):

this was just a little practice project, but i liked doing it and i think i'm going to try to make some more shorts as a little experimental side hobby. i'm going to call my video projects 'bluemotion' because i love putting the word 'blue' in front of everything.

in other news, today we found out that our baby is going to be a boy, which is super awesome. i will continue to call him raphael. i wrote this as an appendage to this video blog post because i am trying not to turn this into a baby blog.

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