cape cod capers

my wife and a went to cape cod the other weekend for our 2nd anniversary and her birthday combined (yes, combined, i achieved what most men assume is unachievable). we did a bunch of stuff and had large quantities of fun. we rode bikes for 10+ miles all over the place, saw a national wildlife fishery, climbed a gigantic tower, walked countless miles through towns and forest trails, saw a glass blowing shop, found ben pegg playing a homemade double-necked guitar on the street who was outrageously awesome, took pictures, found a huge population of snails near a lighthouse, ate food, and just hung around and got out of rhode island for a little bit. here's a view from the top of the tower we climbed. on the right is a little port and out in the distance is the provincetown peninsula.

here's the view inside the tower looking down. i was a little nervous holding my camera out to take this shot, especially because i don't use a strap.

i took this shot early in the day and then later on that night we went into a shop where a guy was selling tons of photographs from the cape cod area. one of his shots was pretty much what you see below. i couldn't believe this guy has an entire store of cape cod pictures and he makes a living like that. i then hatched my own devious plan based on the notion that if that guy could, why couldn't i? i'm in process of setting up an etsy store. i just wish they didn't call them 'etsy' stores, it sounds so girly. anywho, i will make an attempt to break into the print market. what the heck? it's worth a shot. i'll put shots like the one below into it. it can't hurt. more about the blueflash etsy store in a later post.

we found ben pegg on the streets of provincetown. this guy was awesome, playing a homemade double neck guitar. check out his stuff when you get a chance, the guitar work is amazing. we watched him play for a good half hour and grabbed a cd of his. i took a bunch of pictures of him and i'm going to try to get in touch with him and send them over to him in case he can use them for promo stuff.

i really wanted to get a good sunset picture from the cape and rumor had it you could catch some cool ones in provincetown. well, it was cloudy and dreary after we ate dinner so we decided to head back to the bed and breakfast (an english garden, highly recommended if you go in that area) we were staying in. twenty minutes into the drive i looked in my rear view mirror and saw the clouds breaking and the sun setting. we went into emergency mode and tara found a nearby lighthouse to stop at. i grabbed a bunch of shots, here's one below...

tara discovered a large population of snails, there had to be close to a hundred of them on the side of the walkway. i've never seen so many snails. i mean really, if you were a snail would you hang out on a walkway? here's one lil' guy, one misstep from an unfortunate death.

this tree is a 'weeping something', i forget what 'something' is (not willow). it was over a hundred years old. this picture is taken while standing inside of it. the trunk on the left is a new tree that grew from a branch of the main tree. so weird. what do trees do all day?

here's tara using a railroad edge to practice her balance beam skills. i take her on vacation and this is the kind of thing she wants to do.

this was a water pipe at the fishery place we stopped at. there's super long lap pool type things in the ground with so many fish in it that you can't see the bottom. this is where they raise fish to replenish all the fresh water lakes in massachusetts. there was a sign that read 'no fishing'.

on our way back to rhode island i spotted some kids jumping off a bridge. that caught my attention so we pulled over and i went to talk to them a little bit. here's a cool shot of one of them doing a backflip into the marsh water below.

it was a cool vacation, we had a good time. i'm going to post more photos from the weekend in a facebook album in the near future if you're interested.

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