blame it on the earwigs

it may look like i've been totally slacking with blueflash, the blog, facebook, twitter, etc...

well, i kind of have been, but there's good reason for it. i've been in a multi-day battle with the super frustrating earwigs that seem to think my basement is a great place to hang out. i've doused my foundation in chemicals, set out tuna fish cans with soy sauce and vegetable oil, squished probably close to 100 of'em, and swept up numerous earwig carcasses.

it's hard to get things done when you have to run down to the basement every half hour to exterminate anything crawling on the wall. i've really read more than my fair share about earwigs the past few days and would like for them to find a new home, preferably somewhere on the west coast.

anywho, enough whining, i suppose there's worse that could be happening. in other news, there's a video i'd like you to watch. it's only a few minutes long. i had gone back and forth on whether or not to post this on the blog because it's very far from professional in terms of content, but what the heck, i think it's pretty funny. this is me and my buddy matt hyping up a party we're throwing this weekend for a bunch of our friends. for those of you who don't know me, i'm the one on the left.

disclaimer to my current and future clients - i really am mature and competent when it's time to do a job (i.e. your wedding). enjoy.

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