will explores thayer

i think i'm going to officially adopt the concept and name 'urban baby'. i'm sure i'm not the first and i'm not the only to put a little kid in a city/urban environment and take pictures, but i really like it and i think it comes out great. the contrast of the cute kid against the nasty city surroundings makes for interesting photos.

this past saturday i met up with bill, katie and their little guy will on thayer street in providence. apparently there was some event going on nearby that caused parking to be worse than it normally is... i felt kind of bad when bill and katie had to drive around for awhile to find a spot. that was poor planning on my part. anywho, the approach was very simple: walk up one side of thayer and take pictures. after that, walk back down the other side of thayer and take pictures. you see, it's thoughts and ideas like these that attract people to use blueflash. here's will being very introspective, not quite sure if he buys into this picture thing quite yet.

that thought didn't last long for him. as you can see in the following shots, will broke out into 'ham mode'. awesome. check it out...

i thought this one below would be a good shot if will runs for mayor of providence.

i think this one is so cool of will and his mom. just a casual walk through a bus tunnel, ya know, no big deal or anything.

i made this little collage picture of some of the photos from the day. i have mixed feelings about it, i think i like it. what do you think? i may throw one together for each shoot.

i had a really good time on this shoot, bill and katie were real cool and will was a good kid to take pictures of. check out the full album on the blueflash site and some other pictures on the facebook page. thanks guys!

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