raquel, tyreak, and roger william

raquel and tyreak are getting married this upcoming september. this past saturday we hung out at roger williams park in providence, ri and took some shots for their engagement session. roger williams is a heavily used photo backdrop so i made an effort to use the grounds some different ways so it wouldn't look typical.

i got to the park about a half hour early so i could scope it out and find some places to use. my valiant effort of having everything planned out worked out pretty close to perfectly until the end when i tried navigating to 'the outdoor area with a lot of flowers and the path thing that goes through it'. for the life of me i could not find one person who could point me the right way based on my clear and concise description. we ended up in the botanical gardens instead. close enough. tyreak and raquel were following me as i drove around aimlessly on my quest for the alleged outdoor flower area. i thanked them profusely for their patience with my misdirection. luckily they were really cool so the few u-turns were no big deal.

one lesson i learned that day was that sneakers and jeans season is over. it is officially shorts and sandals time. while it may not strike you as the most professional attire, i think most people would prefer it over having 'sweaty photographer guy' take your photos all day. weddings are another story. i've yet to shoot a wedding where i was allowed to wear shorts and sandals.

raquel and tyreak were laid-back and cool to hang out with so i had a good time... i'm looking forward to doing their wedding later this year. check out the facebook version of their photos so you can leave comments and then head over to their full album on the blueflash website to see all the photos from the day.

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