the other day the bluecube made an appearance at the american career fair at the gulpfish booth. gulpfish is a super cool new job search site that takes much more of a social media type approach to the job hunt.

apologies for the low-quality logo. it's not their fault, i ripped the image off their website and blew it up in photoshop, causing pixellation mayhem. anywho...
it's free for job hunters. once you're signed up you can do cool things like video interviews with potential employers and have photos, videos, and audio clips of yourself and your professional accomplishments included in your profile.

gulpfish is definitely pioneering the way into the future of job hunting, poising themselves to be a leader in the new form of online job searching.

the bluecube was there so new gulpfish clients could get a professional quality photo of themselves right there on the spot and sign up for a profile. this was a little bit different of an application for the bluecube, but it was good to prove that it's useful for other things besides outrageous party photos and crazy group wedding pictures. it does have a serious, very business-like alter-ego.

due to the type of application there won't be a gallery posted of the photos this time around. it made me realize that the bluecube would be a great way for a large business or church or any other establishment to make a photo directory of all employees and/or members.  keep it in mind, and make sure you go sign up for a gulpfish account. it's free. go do it.

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