group effort

i hardly know where to start with this one... there were so many people and businesses involved in this shoot i had to make a separate list to make sure i included everyone. the trunkshowchic crew and i started brainstorming some ideas for a shoot to do and it quickly spiraled into something big, which is totally cool. when it all came together on the saturday morning (at 7 am, mind you), here's who showed up:

models: seven of'em, five girls and two guys. our talent in no particular order - gabrielle, molly, viktoria, tomas, sammy, steve, and kristina. if any of you watched the miss usa pageant recently you may recognize kristina. she is this year's miss usa rhode island. you may also recognize molly and viktoria if you keep up with blueflash photos, as i've worked with them in the past on other shoots. all the models were awesome and slugged through a long day. we didn't 'let them go' until about 5 o'clock.

hair: an outrageously good job was done with everyone's hair by calma salon. ashley from inbloom also helped out with hair, more about her under 'hair accessories'. these guys worked like crazy all day to transform these models into the different looks throughout the day. great stuff.

makeup: again, calma salon dominated this department. check out their work in some of the closeup shots. they didn't stop working behind the scenes all day. without calma doing their thing, these shots would not have looked the same. i love working with calma because they know exactly what they're doing and they do it perfectly. check out their site if you need hair or makeup done for your wedding, event, or just day to day stuff. i won't pretend to know much more about this topic.

jewelry: trunkshowchic and zoho couture dangled the jewels from the ladies. it's great working with them because it really adds a lot of interest to the compositions. big thanks to these guys for letting us use their space as a home-base and having their whole inventory on hand and available to use. check out their sites if you're even kind of maybe possibly thinking about anything shiny.

hair accessories: you may notice all sorts of wild things sticking out of people's hair in some of the photos. those were all courtesy of ashley from inbloom, a company that makes custom hair pieces. i've worked with inbloom on previous shoots and it's always great having ashley there - mainly because it increases the quantity of laughter, but i guess the hairpieces don't hurt. really though, check out her stuff, she makes bridal clips, regular clips, kid's clips, fashion clips, birthday clips, baptism clips, pet clips, alien clips, and pet rock clips. i might have made up a few of those categories.

styling: we didn't want all the models to be naked because blueflash has a policy against that, so gossip boutique came to the rescue with a ton of their new stuff. having all of their clothing there made it so much easier to achieve different looks throughout the shoot and to be able to have the models in group shots have a little more consistency than if they just all brought their favorite t-shirt with them. gossip is located in wickford, ri (address is on their site). they get items from all over the world and hang'em up in their boutique for you to shop through. check it out if you're in the area.

photography: me. hire me. the self-plug, or 'auto-plug' is always a little bit awkward, but i'm shameless. i will now repeat the word blueflash a few times so it gets ingrained in your head. blueflash blueflash blueflash blueflash blueflash.

locations: we shot in the trunkshowchic space, sneaker junkies on thayer street, and in tazza cafe in providence. unfortunately it was miserable weather so we didn't get to execute the day-ending beach shoot. huge thanks to sneaker junkies and tazza cafe for letting us take over half of their places with about twenty people and studio lights while their businesses were open.

big thanks to everyone involved. i'm ready for the next one...

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