common occurrences

i decided to take my camera with me the other night on a walk around the neighborhood and a ride to the grocery store with my wife. there really is cool stuff everywhere. i'm going to try to do this more often; i think it's a good exercise to find interest in the mundane, a bit of an eye training exercise. i know a lot of people take photos on their iphone or what have you, but my phone is from 1947 so it doesn't have a built-in camera. they're not the awesomest pictures ever taken, but there's something about taking pictures for no reason that is a lot more relaxing than doing a model shoot or a wedding.

anywho, we hit the grocery store and picked up what i call 'life juice'. if i don't drink non-pulp orange juice for more than a few days, my body starts to break down and deteriorate. i can feel it in my inner soul. when i came back from our honeymoon for two weeks in italy, all i could think about when we touched down on american dirt was the bottle of life juice sitting in my refrigerator. i was weak. i was hurting. why does everyone drink warm juice in europe?

there it is, tucked away in the back corner of stop and shop - the juice mecca. all the bottles lined up every so precisely with their various colored caps signifying their different levels of pulp. tonight was a 'simply orange' night. how can you beat two for five?

i spotted lowe's across the parking lot on the way back to the car, so i threw the camera on the roof of the corolla for a makeshift tripod (i guess technically the car would be a quadpod) and snapped a shot of everyone's favorite home improvement store. pretty much anything looks cool at night if you leave the shutter open long enough.

earlier in the night we walked around the neighborhood. the sky was real cool looking, with a decent amount of clouds and some good color starting to develop toward the bottom half. i snapped the best one i could get with the least amount of obstructions in the way. there was no way for me to get a shot of the sky with the horizon and no power lines. i don't think they're too noticeable. i really ended up liking this one, i may get it printed and see if my wife will let me put it somewhere in the house.

the last photo stop on our wild adventure was a flower hanging off a tree in someone's yard. thanks to that stranger for maintaining such a fine tree. in my head this picture was going to come out better than it did. it's ok but it's not quite what i was going for.

i realized that since i started blueflash almost a year ago that i haven't really taken pictures just to take pictures. unfortunately, i think i'm my own worst client in terms of satisfaction. maybe i'll give myself a refund.