codename: raphael

we pause the regular blog nonsense to bring you this important announcement...

my wife is pregnant.

how cool is that?

we don't find out the gender for a few more weeks, but on october 27th (give or take a week or so) we will have our first kid!

to make it even cooler, my older bro and his wife are having their first kid only three weeks after us. it's going to be a baby-fest in our family.

i constantly refer to our future child as 'raphael' and my wife constantly reminds me that there's no way we're naming our child that. i will use that name as much as i possibly can until he/she is born so i can get it out of my system. i was/am a big ninja turtles fan. we told our families on mother's day by giving our moms a framed picture of the ultrasound of raphael.

really really really awesome. thanks for reading.