weddingwire and friends

i came across a website for brides called weddingwire a couple weeks ago and inquired about advertising with them. after speaking with the pleasantly bubbly salesperson, i decided to purchase the "spotlight vendor" spot for blueflash. that means that i'm guaranteed to get listed in the very top or the second to the top slot when someone searches for photographers in rhode island (you can see what it looks like when you search any zip code in rhode island here. since weddingwire is affiliated with martha stewart weddingsbest city weddings, bridal buds, and wedding acesblueflash will be listed at the very tops of those sites too when someone searches for a rhode island photographer. i kind of like that name. weddingwire. weddingwire. weddingwire. neat.

i'm looking forward to seeing how the exposure turns out for blueflash (no photography pun intended). it was a decent sized investment to make, but henry ford once said "a man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time". this is the first paid advertisement slot for blueflash. no wait, that's a lie. i placed an ad on ri wedding guide but the cost was negligible and consequently so is the exposure.

the weddingwire website allows previous clients to leave reviews which is a feature i love about it. it's also cool because there's a mechanism that allows you to connect with other vendors. i guess it serves as a way to let people know that you're not some weirdo business that no one can vouch for and that has no credibility. anyways, just thought i'd let everyone know what's going on with the business end of blueflash. many thanks to previous clients who took the time to put up a review for blueflash already.

check out the ad, i'd appreciate any feedback for how to make it more attractive to prospective brides if anyone has any ideas. my wife and i are in different camps about whether there should be a photo for the ad or the logo as it is now. any thoughts?