mr. dan mills

i checked out my buddy from middle school and high school this past saturday night at the ri ra irish pub. i've never been there before, but it turned out to be a pretty cool place. it had a huge restaurant section and another part that served as the pub and live music area. i have to give ri ra a lot of credit because the sound quality was way better than i expected a place like that to be.

anyways, dan and i used to be in a band together back in high school called the ballpit kings. it was a punk-ska band that we all thought was real cool when we were sixteen. dan went on to write, record, and perform a more digestable form of music than the punk-ska noise we used to make in high school. it's really good.

for your entertainment, here's a real old picture of (from left to right) dan, myself, and our buddy jay playing horns for the ballpit kings circa 2002.

dan's new record 'fiction in photographs' is available for free at his website. you have to download it. it's free and better than most cds that you'd pay for in a store. there's more photos on the facebook page if you want to check them out. i tried going for a grainy black and white feel. you like it?

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