hello hillary

meet hillary.

hillary is a girl who talks about girly things on her girly blog. she actually runs a couple blogs, one is the gleam of rose tea and the other is the gleam of rose tea outfits. the first blog is about stuff like decorating and the second blog is solely dedicated to what hillary wears each day and why today is a hat day and yesterday you should've wore a belt. obviously i don't understand, but she has a lot of happy readers so that's cool.

we drove through scituate, ri and just stopped where we liked how it looked. there were some 'no trespassing' signs in a few spots but neither of us know how to read so it was fine. i usually do high-contrast and bold colors, but for a lot of the shots in this session i backed off and took a different approach. i feel like it matched hillary's look better and i'm more than happy with how it came out. take this next shot for example - it's a bit washed out and soft but i think the feel of it is just right for the contrast between the little bit of the airy dress and the patched up pavement that her bare feet are walking on.

i think this next shot is my favorite one of the day. it probably won't be hardly anyone else's favorite, but there's something about the way her hair fell in her face and the angle that she's looking out at that i think is perfect. i think she looks very model-esque in this photo.

check out hillary's blogs, follow her on twitter, and follow this link to go directly to her full album to see the rest of her photos on the blueflash site.

here's a few more shots from the day...