ed. laura. flexing.

ed and laura are getting married in august in smithfield, ri. they wanted to have some engagement shots done beforehand (potential invitation use), so we headed over to main street in east greenwich. we caught a bright and sunny saturday, a bit cool, and windy enough to not have to bring a hair fan. i had to use my wide angle lens to fit all of ed's muscles in some of the shots like the one below.

i almost don't want to share my newfound secret... the most awesomest wall is in east greenwich (with the exception of all the ridiculously good ones in guatemala). check this out:

we continued the day with more feats of strength, with ed demonstrating his ability to grasp laura between his legs while hanging on to a giant metal pipe. very romantic.

we did have a lot of fun, but we also grabbed some 'serious' engagement shots. here's a few, just to prove i'm not a total goof-off as a photographer. check out the reflection in the first photo:

i really ended up liking a lot of the photos from their session. i highly encourage you to check out more of their pictures on facebook. better yet, head over to the blueflash site and check out their entire album.

ok, stay tuned - i had a huge shoot this past saturday with trunkshowchic, inbloom, gossip boutique, and calma salon. keep your eyes peeled...

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