dj vibe

vinny owns and runs the company 4zero1, a collection of dj's that infiltrate the state of ri and beyond almost nightly. he got in touch with me because he was in need of some shots that he could use for promo material for parties and events that he'd be at, primarily out-of-state things where he's expanding his business.

most of the shots would be used as event posters, so they would need some room for text. i tried to keep that in mind as we shot. we were down at hotel providence where vinny dj's regularly every friday night (the room is called "aspire"). we used the balcony, stairwell, basement, and some random hallway some of the valet guys were hanging out in for photos.

i've been using extremely harsh lighting lately and then later in editing taking advantage of the overexposure to do some cool things. here's an example of it in this photo, the original was really bright.

vinny's got tentative plans to take his party to japan this summer and other crazy places. best of luck with the business and i hope the shots help him out...