beth and brian

the wedding season for 2010 has officially been kicked off. beth and brian did the honors. they had their ceremony and reception at independence harbor in assonet, massachusetts. a few days before this wedding, myself and most other people in new england were bailing water out of their basements as fast as they could. kevin costner called me and asked if they could film the sequel to waterworld in my basement. anyways, by the time friday rolled around it was the most beautiful weather you could ever hope for on your wedding. sunny, blue sky, in the seventies, very light breeze. nice.

we took advantage of the awesomely maintained grounds at independence harbor for some photos after the ceremony was over (can whoever takes care of this place come fix my grass?)

brian wore his blues rather than a tux because he's proud (and should be) of serving his country in the military. that was pretty cool. i caught this nice sneak shot from the outside deck looking in on the reception. talk about candid.

for this next shot i put on my anti-gravity shoes and took a little float above them while they were hanging out on the bench. more than a tripod, i think i need a stepladder. i'm always feeling like i need something to climb.

to check out more of the photos, head on over to the facebook page and lookup the album called 'beth and brian'. beth and brian's full wedding album can be found on the blueflash site under clientspace if you want to sift through all 220 of them.

stay tuned to the blog, i've got three other shoots being edited right now and a big one coming up this saturday. lots going on, a lot of cool pictures on the way...