whisper sweet somethings

what's better than cake? how about a lot of small ones, in different flavors, colors, and wrappers? cake gets boring, but cupcakes from sweet somethings come in hundreds of different flavor combinations. sweet somethings is a local business run by rachel rosati, head baker and super cool girl. she's finding success by breaking into the wedding industry. people are moving away from traditional cakes and toward cupcakes for their affordability, uniqueness, and variety. just look at them sitting there in the field and hanging out with each other. you never see cake being this friendly.

sweet somethings happens to have spectacular cupcake photographs. coincidentally, i happen to have sampled many of the different flavor combinations. there were supposed to be four cupcakes in the above picture, but rachel turned her back for a second and i committed cupcake homicide.

don't judge me. you would have done the same. my wife and i had rachel do the cupcakes for our wedding a little over a year ago and they were awesome. everyone loved them and i think i ate six that night. ok, maybe seven.

they're also extremely photogenic and very well behaved. do something different, go with cupcakes for your wedding. you'll be glad. check out the sweet somethings website and get in touch with rachel. she gives free samples at the contract signing. i keep pretending i'm going to sign a contract and then i cancel at the last minute. she's starting to catch on. sorry rach.