two-time use wedding dresses

finally your wedding day comes. you put on your super cool wedding dress, get married, and then...
a) throw it away
b) store it in a cedar closet so your future daughter can make fun of you when you tell her she should wear it for her wedding
c) donate it to a charity that gives dresses to less fortunate brides-to-be
d) pay for it to be professionally preserved so in thirty years you can ask yourself why in the world you paid to have such a dated part of your wardrobe stored away
e) sell it to a consignment shop
f) enter the contest below and take awesome pictures that you'll have for the rest of your life that are unlike any other pictures you'll ever get a chance to take

it's your choice. should you happen to choose option f, then continue reading.
"trash the dress" has become more and more popular. i've yet to have the opportunity to do a trash the dress session. i'm offering a free trash the dress session to the person who responds to this blog post with the best idea for a shoot. i've seen a lot of photos where someone puts the dress on, stands in front of a dirty building, and calls it a trash the dress photo. i don't buy that. see example below...

there's nothing wrong with that, but i want something crazier. more along the lines of...

image courtesy of bridalwave

we probably don't have to get quite that dangerous, but something where the dress actually gets trashed. i don't know... spray paint it? at least get it dirty. let's hear what you've got. leave the ideas/submissions in the comment section of this post. if you're getting married in the next couple months or got married within the past few years and you have your dress then you're eligible to enter. it won't hurt your chances if you have a blog of your own and you repost this contest...

winner gets a two hour blueflash session to trash your dress.