tired, wet, and defeated

everyone on the east coast knows what happened. tons of rain. lots of water. very wet. i have one of those "my basement's never gotten water in it before" basements. i can't say that anymore. i spent just about every minute between 4:45 pm and 10:30 pm yesterday filling buckets, trash barrels, wet-vacs, glasses, vases, dixie cups, etc... with water to get it out of my house. at about 9:00 pm i got my hands on a pump thanks to my parent's neighbors. i ran the pump from 9:30 pm until 3:30 am when i got up to check on it. the water was down to about a half inch so i shut the pump off and went back to bed. when i got up at 7:00 i had about another three inches in the whole basement.

the whole day was spent pumping and vacuuming water. as i type this blog post it's still coming into the basement, seeping ever so deviously and spreading all over my (thankfully) unfinished cement floor. those vicious dihydrogens and their monoxide buddies hanging out together in extremely large quantities and entering my house without so much as a knock - the nerve...

here's my hand in the water when it hit about two inches

i didn't have any water resistant footwear, so i opted for shorts and sandals. rainwater is cold. numbingly cold. i will be showering at my parent's house tonight because putting 220 volts to your electric hot water tank while it's under water goes against my best judgement. here's to sunnier days this weekend.