put your party hats on

what are you doing saturday night? there's a party going on and you're invited. my buddies at trunkshowchic are having a grand opening for their new space in providence. check out their site to find out more about them. i plan on having a blog post in the near future talking more about their business. in short, they have an exclusive line of handmade jewerly that consists of a mix of vintage and brand new designs. there will also be other designers displaying their work at the opening party. there will be food and drinks and... the bluecube. yes, the bluecube will finally be making its debut after not getting to strut its stuff at the fake boston 411 bridal show this past weekend. it will be setup all night long.

here's a shot from a trunkshow shoot of viktoria. she'll be at the party! great girl, loved working with her.

party starts at 4 pm and goes all night. wear your best, it's a bit of a dress-up occasion. plus you'll want to look good while you get your picture snapped in the bluecube. i'll also be taking candid shots of the party throughout the night for trunkshow.

the space is really cool, i was just there the other night checking out what they've done. they got giant banners with blueflash photos on them to put around the whole place.

ok, a recap... free, providence, trunkshowchicbluecubeblueflash, food, drinks, me, jewelry, clothes, bags, people, etc...

you'll probably need the address. click the link to get directions from google maps... 200 allens ave, providence, ri     the party is happening on the third floor and there is an elevator for those averse to using stairs. if i left any important info out or you just have a question about it, leave a comment or email me or call me or message me or text me or yell at me.

see you there...