the dressing's in the details

wedding season is pretty much upon us in all it's glorious and chaotic fashion. i'm getting excited to get back into a regular wedding schedule and hang out with people on their most important day. i know that brides have a lot to think about while planning their weddings, like what color should the napkins be? should they have a diagonal fold or a straight one? will my future husband actually get his vows written on time? caesar salad or garden salad? should the bridal party sit or stand during the ceremony? what color shoes do i wear? what song do i walk into the reception to? these are the make-or-break decisions that a bride must make as her big day creeps closer and closer. ok, i admit, i'm poking fun a little bit, but there really are a lot of things to decide. i want to make you aware of one thing that doesn't often get much attention: the dressing room.

if you have your photographer (can i make an unbiased recommendation for blueflash?) take photos of the bride and bridal party preperation, it can make your photos come out much better if there's a little planning put into where the preparation takes place.

natural light. the more the merrier. use a room that has a (big) south facing window so the sun can shine in. this will give your photos a much better feel than if you're in a dark windowless room. here's what you don't want the room to look like:

image courtesy of hippo

your photos might not look so nice in a room like that. also, clean up the room! if you don't have the luxury of renting out a nice hotel room to get ready in and you end up using a bedroom in a house, pick up your room! i know i sound like your mom, but c'mon, do you really want to have photos of you getting your makeup done in your wedding dress with your dirty socks and under-roos in the background? below is another example of what you probably don't want for an environment. clean your room, just one last time before you get hitched up.

image courtesy of

go one step further. rather than just cleaning the room, some brides will actually decorate the room a little bit. you don't have to go totally crazy with it, but sometimes just putting around some accent things with meaning can enhance the images, i.e. some flowers, the wedding shoes can be on the floor, a note from a close relative, etc...

spend about an hour prepping the prep room, you'll be glad every time you pull out your wedding photos for the rest of your life. it also makes the photographer's job easier, not that i'm partial or anything...