be my guest

today my prose and epic writing can be found on a different blog... the gleam of rose tea. hillary (the writer) was kind enough to ask me to guest blog so i obliged. head over there to check it out. after you read my guest post, take a look at the rest of her blog.

it's a total girl-fest for sure, but that's what girls like i guess. she's got another blog (gleam of rose tea outfits) where she posts photos of her outfits and everything's for sale. go figure. i've been thinking about posting photos of my outfits and putting them up for sale. i thought better of it when i realized that if someone bought my pair of jeans i'd be in trouble. yeah, that wouldn't last long.

hillary's nice. leave her a comment. follow her blog. follow mine too while you're at it.

alright - go there now!