i need the bluecube

it's time to formally introduce the bluecube. in case this gets as popular as i think it will, i will write this blog post as if it were a wikipedia entry so in the future i can simply copy paste from here to wikipedia, the source of all internet knowledge. in the third person, here we go...

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the bluecube is a photobooth that was custom designed by blueflash photography. it nominally measures 8 feet wide by 8 feet long by 8 feet tall. it is 128 cubic feet of photographic goodness. its size is adjustable ranging from 6' x 6' x 6' all the way up to 10' x 10' x 10'.

the bluecube is the brainchild of matt celeste, owner/operator/photographer/head of marketing and sales/chief financial officer/secretary/biggest fan/first employee/graphic designer/janitor of blueflash photography. he felt as though most photobooths that were available were either one or both of the following: overpriced and too small. the large size of the bluecube allows bigger groups of party/wedding guests to pile in. a picture of auntie edith and cousin bill is nice, but wouldn't it be better if grandma gertrude, uncle jerry, the bride and the groom, and a few other guests could get in the picture? heck, you might as well grab the photographer and have him in there too. the more the merrier. as for price, a quick internet search will reveal the fact that most photobooths will run you well over $1000 for a four hour rental. after hours, days, even weeks on end of grueling brainstorming by the blueflash think tank, the solution to this problem was found: don't make the price that high.

after a hundred paper designs, a prototype was finally built using pvc piping and ikea bed sheets. the concept was proven and steps were taken to move the idea from prototype to saleable photobooth. standing in the prototype setup, a conversation went like this:

matt: so what do you think dad?
matt's dad: it's ok... except i feel like i'm standing in the plumbing department at lowe's

the decision was soon thereafter made not to build the final unit with pvc pipe. thanks dad for the input.

the heart of the bluecube is mostly proprietary and cannot be divulged on such mediums as open-source internet encyclopedias. it does include, but is not limited to, a professional dslr camera in conjunction with studio strobes to provide high quality photographs.

the following logo will be used to market the bluecube

the photos that the bluecube produces look a lot like matthew celeste's profile photo on facebook. they are bright and full of energy. all the photos from a bluecube session are posted to the blueflash website under the bluecube section. all photos are posted in both color and black and white. they can be ordered in any print size and on pretty much any item you can think of, i.e. mousepads, keychains, tote bags, coffee mugs, elephants, buttons, etc... you can also order a digital download of the file and walk to your favorite cvs and purchase some low quality prints at your leisure.


what do you think?