the boston 411

the title of this post sounds like it's trying to be clever, but really it's the name of a bridal show coming up the first weekend in march. the boston 411 spring home and bridal show is march 5th, 6th, and 7th at the hynes convention center in boston, massachusetts. blueflash will be there in the corner booth, a giant 20 foot by 10 foot booth right near the main stage where all the shows are happening. this will be my first bridal show, either as an attender or as a vendor. when my wife was going to bridal shows for our wedding planning a couple years ago, i was conveniently doing stereotypical male activities like using power tools or riding my motorcycle.

i've got boothmates... i will be joined by rachel rosati of sweet somethings - a custom cupcake company doing business in the new england area. i'll write more about sweet somethings in a future post. she's bringing 5000 (five thousand!) cupcakes for samples to hand out to show attendees. i figure that at least 3000 will actually make it to attendees and the other 2000 will mysteriously go missing throughout the weekend.
rounding out our eclectic assortment of vendors in one booth will be ashley tucker of inbloom. she makes the custom hairpieces that are rapidly growing in popularity across the country. some of her work can be seen in the shots of molly in the previous blog post. she makes much more than what's seen in the photos, you'll have to come by the booth to check it all out. she's going to have roughly 50 sample pieces on hand for display and for sale. more and more brides are opting for a unique hair piece rather than a traditional veil.
lastly, i will be there. my display will consist of a bunch of prints of different sizes ranging from 6"x9" up to 20"x24". i'll have photobooks for people to browse through, a slideshow running on a large monitor, 5000 business cards (we have a "5000" theme we're trying to push), and my wife whose job is to increase the aesthetic appeal. in addition to all of that, the bluecube will make it's official debut. the bluecube needs enough explaining to warrant its own post, so i'll devote the next one to bluecube and dump the details there. all i'll say here is that it'll be setup the entire weekend and will be open for anybody and everybody to use for free.

yes, our booth will be happening. very, very happening. there will be flashes going off from bluecube and frosting flying all over the place from the cupcakes and all of our hair will be neatly pinned in place during the chaos courtesy of the inbloom hair clips.

if anybody is interested in attending the show on any of the three days, let me know. leave a comment and i can get you some complimentary tickets. i have a limited amount since i am a vendor in the show. i've already distributed a decent amount of them to most of my brides but i still have some left. let me know as soon as you can, i'd love to see you all there! next post - what the heck is the bluecube?