blueflash, bluecube, and blogs

it's 2010 and i'm a photographer, so i think it's time for a blog. my name's matt celeste and i run blueflash - a photography business based out of the providence, rhode island area. in an effort to not be pegged as vain, i'll leave the biography at that.

i think the internet is already saturated with people's thoughts on life, so i'll keep this blog pretty simple and to the point, at all times avoiding deviations into how neat it is that a valence electron jump causes emission of light or speculations about anti-matter (i'm a nerd at heart). this blog won't bless you with beautiful prose or wonderfully crafted iambic pentameter, although i will do my best to spell correctly and utilize the punctuation afforded us by the english language. i will not, however, use capital letters. this is what i will do: when a new shoot happens, i'll use this to talk about it - who was involved, what the event was, how it went, post some photos, etc...

this will also serve as an outlet for photographic endeavors that are not necessarily blueflash sessions, i.e. personal photos that i feel might have public interest. if i shoot anything i think is cool while on vacation or a day trip with my wife, you'll find it here.

facebook is great to post photos and do single sentence write-ups, the website works well to post albums and let people order prints, but a blog is the only way i can go into detail about a shoot and what's going on with blueflash. wedding season is right around the corner and there's going to be a lot going on, so this is where it'll be shared with anyone who is interested.

when one does creative work, feedback is the best thing you can get back for it. honest feedback, positive or negative, is the best way to continually improve (plus it's entertaining). if the one thing that falls out of this blog is that i get a bunch of reader's feedback on my work then i would consider it a success.

ok. let's do this...